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Research solutions powered by consulting and technology
Avalon Global Research (AGR) provides outsourced research solutions to some of the world's largest manufacturing, financial services, consulting and technology companies.
AGR derives its unique global research expertise by leveraging two decades of strategic consulting pedigree from its parent company.
Our team has accomplished more than 3000 assignments for over 250 global clients with over 2/3rd of the revenue coming from repeat clients.

At AGR, we believe in stretching ourselves to get you the validated information that eludes others. We never remain contended with what is available in public domain; we get you the ground reality by interviewing multiple stakeholders and also obtain inputs from domain experts to provide you with the most actionable insights.

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- Business Research
- Market Research
- Technology Research
- Intellectual Property Research
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Our research services are geared to provide global coverage across more than 80 countries.
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Extensive knowledge of various domains
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