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I would like to appreciate the effort of the Avalon Team for the presentation you have made in
front of our investors. Great effort! And moreover, you had answers to all their queries to satisfaction.


– Managing director of a leading super specialty hospital chain in India

Good work on the Investor note. I am happy that you have covered all aspects of the economy in a
very lucid manner. I appreciate your line of thinking and analysis.


– Chief Investment Officer of a leading Asset Management firm in Oman and Dubai

Our feeling is that the quality and levels of responsiveness have been extremely high.  We spot-checked around one fifth of your findings, and are confident that you have been thorough and comprehensive.


– A senior consultant with a leading strategy consulting consortium in Europe

During the recent study done for Chile, the insights generated from the detailed field work was very helpful. I take the opportunity to thank you and the whole Team at Avalon for the support given us in this exercise.


Managing Director, Habasit Italiana

Thank you for the excellent presentation, good depth and quality presentation format. I enjoyed the business skills of the team and had wished we would have had more time to discuss the business implications.

– a Senior technical head with one of the world’s largest oil and gas exploration

I was really impressed with the level of detail you have managed to give me, which will really help me in my discussions. Instead of having to accept the view the partners have of India, I will now be in a position to discuss detail from the market itself. Really great stuff


– Managing Director, G C Hahn & Co, U.K.

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Capturing new markets and increasing share in an existing market catapults a company into a leadership position thereby giving an opportunity to reap higher profits. Leadership position is influenced by the ability to balance various factors like product quality, pricing, competitor strategies, engagement with the customers in the market, channel efficiency and so on.  Failure to achieve a balance in these factors can result in serious setbacks by many months,  if not years. It is vital to understand the ingredients for success before a company embarks on a new territory and/or with a new product launch. Not many organisations, whether start-ups or established corporations have the requisite resources or the expertise to assess the available opportunities in a market. 

AGR with its thirty years of experience can aid in new market development as well as improved performance in existing markets to provide the best returns on investments. AGR’s tried and trusted methodologies includes leveraging our network of experts across 100 countries to obtain the best practices for our clients.  Our solutions typically provide answers on addressable potential, Government policies, competitor actions, regulatory bottlenecks, channel dynamics, SWOT analysis and the customers’ buying patterns, preferences and pain points. 

AGR’s deep insights and recommendations have empowered many global companies to implement organisational changes, launch new products or SKUs, restructure distribution channels, and introduce customer promotions to stay ahead of the competition. AGR also details the action plans and supports in implementation like product concept checks, dealer searches and pre-sales pitches to potential customers.

Irrespective of the nature, size and longevity of the business, there is always a customer who will remain dissatisfied. How the company handles the situation will determine whether the customer will remain with the company or shift his loyalty. The foremost thing to do while engaging with an angry, irate customer is to hear him out. Not just hear, but listen to what he has to say, even if it is irrational or incorrect. This gives him an assurance that he isn’t being neglected. It is important to understand that customer’s perception is your reality. The next course is to take an action or provide a reasonable, feasible solution that can be worked out. The last thing would be to see if the solution provided matches the customer’s expectations. If the company fails to provide a suitable solution for the indignant customer, he may look for another solution provider, may turn a detractor of your brand and bad-mouth your brand with his/her friends or colleagues.

The first thing to do when this happens is to find out the cause and magnitude of it, and see how frequently it is happening with other customers. The chances of a customer coming back to you are much higher when he refers your brand to his peers. If the customer shifts or stops using your brand due to a small, unresolved issue, most likely to do with a non-core functionality of your product/service. Here, a short term incentive will work in winning him back. The thing to understand is that only monetary means do not work all the time; but small gestures do. It is vital to spend time and efforts on customer who has chances of returning, rather than the one who is going to leave again. The easiest way to bring back the disappointed ones is to focus on specific service which made him leave earlier by enhancing the same to make it customer centric. AGR’s Customer Advocacy Score (CAS) is an objective framework as well as an advance warning tool which helps client to make informed decision about customer’s loyalty status so that necessary amends can be made in time to retain them. By helping find out who the loyal customers are, CAS also helps clients strike optimal balance between retention measures and cost of retention 

Every CEO and banker would like to assess the risk and returns associated with large investment decisions prior to committing capital in the proposed project. Undertaking feasibility study is the only objective measure available to identify and size various risks and rewards in a potential project so that informed decision can be taken to mitigate risks. Given the many intangible and unknown factors coming into play in setting up of a project, it is necessary for all the decision makers to get a handle about the future probabilities. Feasibility has three main components: – 

Market potential assessment: What is the total market size and what is the opportunity available? 

Capital Cost assessment – What is the total cost required for setting up the plant?

Financial Feasibility and Monetary Returns – How many years to pay back investment? What is the total returns expected?


Feasibility assessment is both an art and science. It requires experience, calculated risk as well as tact to approach the issues of unknown future. A misstep can result in big losses so multiple scenarios are built in on the way to handle evolving scenario.


It is necessary to comprehend the project magnitude and role of multiple stakeholders involved in the execution stage as well as in the steady state of the project life cycle. It is equally important to grasp the ground reality for assessing demand supply scenario and how it is likely to evolve in the future. It is in this stage where domain understanding and experience comes into play. Using inputs from other modules, financial analyst needs to deploy creativity and tact to simulate multiple scenarios and develop cost effective yet practical capital structure. This is critical to ensure the project is financially bankable, profitable, sustainable so as to provide adequate risk adjusted returns to all those stakeholders involved in the project. Multiple financial metrics and valuation approaches are used to objectively define and measure potential risk and returns so as to guide financiers on what should be the interest rate to be charged for the risk and for securing the principal. Similarly, promoters would be able to assess whether the returns commensurate the risk and effort and should he proceed ahead in committing his investment. AGR’s domain and financial experts use proprietary framework to assess project viability in a comprehensive manner thereby prepare promoters and bankers to anticipate surprise and not taken by surprise.

International marketing requires a tailored approach to succeed in every market as one size doesn’t fit all. Having strong product or brand proposition or prior knowledge of the market landscape or deep pockets may not guarantee success in overseas market unless the right channel partner is able to carry forward your values on the ground. 

Over the last three decades, we have helped multinational corporations, Government trade promotion boards, and even aspiring mid-sized exporters, spread across wide range of industries and geographies, earn successes by identifying the right distribution partner and supporting channel network development. 

We start with an internal assessment of your export readiness, not just the right products but the right attitude towards committing yourself to international business challenges. Understanding the target market, which involves sizing the market opportunities, mapping various challenges, the competition and the distribution channel dynamics helps us develop the suitable go-to-market imperatives. This also places you in a better position while pitching as well as negotiations, during the later stages, with prospective partners. 

One of the most important steps (where most of the companies go wrong) is developing the ‘Right Partner Sketch’ matching your business philosophy and chemistry, along with other attributes and requirements like the skill sets, customer base, technology focus, scale, services etc. 

We have been able to build strong relationships with prospective growth partners and various market enablers. We have curated a deep and wide network given our several thousands of hours of intellectual dialogues with various stakeholder categories. This is backed with strong domain expertise and our proprietary partner assessment framework comprising of around 30-75 quantitative and qualitative partner selection attributes like management succession planning, synergy of attitude & vision between the two parties, infrastructure readiness etc. 

Brand visibility is the first step in building a brand reputation but the most important one. All enterprises desire its brands to have top of mind recall with target customers. Most brands follow the trends in the market, which currently revolve around increasing social presence, communicating with customers on social platforms, interactive content marketing, referral programmes, humanising brand among others. However, niche brands, B2B brands and Rebranding needs to be a step ahead in devising new methods of increasing brand visibility.

AGR, with an expertise in interacting directly with stakeholders offers unique approaches to increase brand visibility typically for niche and B2B brands


As such, brands need to keep searching for unique methods to increase their brand visibility in the market. Being in close touch with the users and distribution partners and keeping an eye on competition’s moves will definitely help the brand stay ahead and relevant.

Locating a new factory or a bank branch should never be left to guesswork. Resources are finite and options are aplenty. A careful evaluation of the key factors impacting location can not only help you save money but help avoid the headaches that come with wrong decision making such as trouble with local workforce and poor infrastructure which impedes day to day working.  Businesses come to AGR asking us to advise them on optimal plant or office location and we have done so many assignments that Avalon has its own proven model – PLAM- that assigns weights to qualitative and quantitative factors and arrive at the optimal location


PLAM is Project Location Assessment Model. The model requires data to be collected from desk research as well as face to face interactions with those in the neighbourhood. Our robust methodology has been applied in multiple industries and services sectors


AGR with its 30 years of experience can aid in identifying the best locations for you. We have compared locations across continents, countries and states to guide our clients to always make the right decisions.  Factors such as sales growth/ potential, distances from existing factories and warehouses and logistics costs also go into our model and the sensitivity of the results to change in weights assigned to various factors can be tested. 


Our model can advise you on your next factory location.  The experienced team at Avalon is happy to help

The basic mantra for a sound investment decision is Investigate and then Invest. Success of Investments, CXO level appointments, Mergers, Acquisitions and the like are very much dependant on the outcome of the credibility and integrity of a company and its management.

Broadly, AGR investigates a company’s background, background of its decision makers, its reputation and relationships with various stakeholders, credibility with suppliers, perceived image with consumers, legal matters while undertaking credibility checks. AGR checks ethical approach of the company and decision makers by evaluating prior personal wrongdoing, misconduct, ethical lapses among others. Behavioural patterns, close associations and integrity also throw light about the mind of the individual which are critical to assess the motivations, his/her convictions on governance and the resultant decision making capability. 

Each and every check is unique and there is no one rigid framework to find grey areas that may hinder the success of the investment. Broadly, the key areas that are covered in AGR’s checks include, but not limited to.


We gather information from authentic sources and validate them by conducting investigation with people closely connected with the target. The key to establish the truth is to go beyond the obvious information to search for unstated information discreetly with close associates. 


We help the clients understand the size of potential risk so that informed decision on mitigation can be taken to ensure a successful transaction.

Objectives of outsourcing have undergone change owing to business complexities, wageflation and narrowing of currency arbitrage. Companies increasingly realise that the objective of outsourcing homogeneous process has not been met. Headcount addition has taken a toll following companies new found focus on increasing revenue per employee It is in this context, AGR offered global clients to consider multi skill offshore outsourced hub either in a centralised format or in distributed fashion.  Business requirements are increasingly complex and dynamic and the need for multiple skillset has become essential to address the multiple challenges as well as take care of the growth needs.

Multi skill hub is essentially a mirror of the client office in an offshore destination. It offers the cost advantages of outsourcing as well as safety, delivery and managerial capability benefits of insourcing to boost growth. The model also renders flexibility to adjust headcount and add new skill set as per business needs. Given that the multi skill hub model has shifted away from cost to value and growth, business sustainability is guaranteed. This approach ensures control and continuity to the client and at the same time security to the service provider, thus making it a win win proposition.