Cross border expansion services


  • Over the last three decades, we have helped multinational corporations, Government trade promotion boards, business advisory firms, investment management companies and several growth-aspirational mid and large-sized export firms, in their global market entry endeavors.
  • The engagements are spread across 100+ geographies and a wide range of industry / product segments with various levels of growth objectives ranging from developing a contact list of prospects for a mid-sized firm to supporting export diversification of the economy for a Government board.
  • We have been able to build strong relationships with prospective growth partners and various market enablers. We have curated a deep and wide network given our several thousands of hours of intellectual dialogues with various stakeholder categories. This is backed with strong domain expertise and our proprietary partner assessment framework comprising of around 30-75 quantitative and qualitative partner selection attributes.
  • The end results are very obvious: reduced go-to-market entry time, better understanding of market entry imperatives, negotiating better deals, sustainable revenues, more importantly all of these at a fraction of cost.
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Partner Search (Distributor / Franchisee / JV)

Partner Search Cross border expansion services

AGR has been actively offering growth solutions be it export oriented (Distributor, Dealer, Agent), contractual (Franchising, Licensing, Contract Manufacturing, Technical Agreement, Service Contracts) or investment oriented (JV, Acquisition). Our market expertise and geography wide network helps draw the sketch for the finest partner through our proprietary assessment framework. Key Industries that we have covered are Automotive, Personal Care, Consumer Electronics, Food & Beverage, Wellness, Agriculture, Solar

Export development & Promotion

Export Development & Promotion Cross border expansion services

AGR provides end-to-end support to trade bodies and MSMEs that includes activities like, but not limited to, Target Market Prioritization, Opportunity Screening, Identifying Growth Imperatives, Scouting the most optimum partners from our network to help build sustainable stream of revenues with relatively lesser risks, less hassles and faster time to market

Procurement & Sourcing

Procurement & Sourcing Cross border expansion services

Using our global network and deep understanding of the manufacturing sector we have been able to identify and develop strong vendors & supply chain partners. Our solutions include Competitor Benchmarking, Make vs Buy, Spend Analysis, RFQ Support and Identifying the best suppliers to help reduce the sourcing cycle times and boost savings for our clients

Trade support (Market entry support)

Trade Support Cross border expansion services

AGR has supported its clients to help realize their growth objectives in foreign shores by quick market screening of opportunities, long listing of key partner prospects, regulatory & compliance checks, office & plant location assessment, background checks, experts onboarding, homologation, taxation, organizing trade and market visits, consumer meets, etc. Key Industries covered by us are FMCG, Automotive, Industrial, Engineering, Healthcare, Food & Agriculture

Assignment Examples

Agri Equipment

Have supported top 5 agri-equipment manufacturers in distributor
search engagements across Africa, South East Asia and Latin America

Agri Equipment Cross border expansion services

Consumer Durables

Supported strategic market entry by strong distributor partner
search, for a leading consumer durables’ manufacturer

Consumer Durables Cross border expansion services

Tire exports

Identified distribution partners across Africa, Middle East and South Asia for leading Indian tire manufacturers

Tire Exports Cross border expansion services

K-12 Education

Screened potential acquisition targets, followed by detailed company analysis and profiling, in the K-12 education segment, for an investment bank in the GCC

K-12 Education Cross border expansion services

2 / 3 wheelers

Go-to-Market support and partner identification for a leading global auto manufacturer, across more than 25 geographies globally, including 15 in Africa

2or3 Wheelers Cross border expansion services

Non-oil exports

Promoting non-oil exports and support towards attracting foreign investments for a middle eastern based trade promotion board

Non-Oil Exports Cross border expansion services

Auto component

Developed a marketing and distribution plan for two-wheeler components business of an African trading company, for the home country as well as nearby markets

Auto Component Cross border expansion services


Identified potential sales leads in pharmaceutical companies across more than 15 countries in Europe for marketing new drugs

Pharmaceuticals Cross border expansion services

Diapers in Ethiopia

Developed a sourcing strategy (manufacturing vs. contract manufacturing vs. JV) for a large Ethiopian company, planning to enter the baby hygiene products industry

Diapers In Ethiopia Cross border expansion services

Korean EPC

Supported end-to-end procurement project, for a Korean business conglomerate searching for reliable suppliers for its EPC business division

Korean EPC Cross border expansion services

Medical Devices

Understanding the medical devices regulatory intelligence in select countries in Middle East, Latin America, CIS and South East Asia, to support global growth strategy

Medical Devices Cross border expansion services

Site location

Location Strategy analysis and assessment of potential manufacturing plant sites for mid-size German auto-components manufacturer entering India

Site Location Cross border expansion services


Helped generate quality prospects for the account management team for a leading oil and gas major in more than 25 countries across Europe, Asia, South East Asia, Africa and South America

Pre-Sales Cross border expansion services


Developed a techno-economic feasibility report (TEFR) for establishing fragrance oil operations in KSA and UAE

Feasibility Cross border expansion services

Go-to-Market Support

Supported a mid-sized manufacturer of industrial consumables, in identifying key growth markets in Africa, including evaluating manufacturing attractiveness

Go-to-Market Support Cross border expansion services

Vendor Selection

Identification, evaluation and on-boarding of heavy engineering equipment vendors globally, for a US based engineering behemoth

Vendor Selection Cross border expansion services

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Case study on Two-wheeler entry in Saudi Arabia

Two-wheeler entry in Saudi Arabia


  • China as per published data was apparently exporting over 100,000 two-wheelers to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia which seemingly was not a two-wheeler market due to extreme weather conditions
  • Our client, a major Asian auto manufacturer, wanted to get a grip on the true potential of this market and ways of entering this market


  • The AGR team visited key urban and rural locations in Saudi Arabia to understand the vehicle usage, if any. Enquiries were also made at the key ports and vehicle registration offices
  • The existing 2-wheeler market was studied w.r.t potential of the market, import sources, new vs used vehicle usage, segments of customers using two-wheelers, etc. Investigations were also made into the imports of over 100,000 Chinese vehicles, some of which were being re-exported
  • A detailed plan was developed for the client to enter the Saudi Arabian market that involved identifying the relevant geographical and customer segments


  • The client applied for local registrations and signed up with a partner that was identified by us for sales and distribution
  • The sales have picked up and to a great extent replaced the Chinese bikes in many of the usage segments
Case study on Needles and Syringes Exports to Brazil

Needles and Syringes Exports to Brazil


  • Brazil is stringent about medical consumables’ imports. Many suppliers especially from China are unable to meet the Brazilian import specifications
  • The client, a needle and syringe manufacturer was keen to grab this opportunity


  • The Brazilian market was studied in detail to understand the potential from private and Government hospitals
  • The medical and import regulations were thoroughly scanned to check the feasibility of exporting from Asia
  • The key regions (South East and North East) were researched to identify the best partner for white label sales as well as branded sales
  • The new syringe technologies that were desired by the Brazilian medical fraternity was also studied and presented


  • Our client is now the largest Asian supplier of needles and Syringes in Brazil
  • It has the potential to dislodge the North American players once it adds to its product range
Case study on Korean engineering giant evaluating new vendors for niche products

Korean engineering giant evaluating new vendors for niche products


  • A South Korean engineering giant wanted to de-risk its sourcing strategy by expanding its vendor base in other Asian countries
  • The client team had identified 27 specific parts and modules for its heavy engineering equipment that had to be sourced from other Asian countries


  • A systematic study of the entire equipment and its parts was carried out via multiple sessions with the client’s engineering team . A detailed spec sheet was prepared
  • The AGR team with the detailed spec sheet identified a few hundred potential suppliers for the above parts. Detailed presentations of the parts and its specs were made to the potential vendors
  • The entire RFQ process, up to the shortlisting stage was handled by our team, before the client took over the final selection process


  • The company now sources close to 80% of its components from the vendors shortlisted by us
  • Over a period of time, the client’s procurement team sourced over 100 components from the long list of vendors identified in this assignment
Case study on A leading Ethiopian Business Group evaluating baby products

A leading Ethiopian Business Group evaluating baby products


  • The client is a leading coffee exporter in Ethiopia, as well as a major distributor of stationery products and automobiles
  • The company was seeking to expand their business lines and was evaluating the market for baby products in Ethiopia


  • AGR commenced the assignment with a very quick screening of market opportunities for baby products, and zeroing it down to baby diapers
  • We conducted a detailed market study, which included sizing the opportunity, regulatory overview, distribution channel dynamics and competition benchmarking, using a primary research design involving various market participants
  • In order to obtain a strong understanding on the consumer behaviour, AGR also conducted a qualitative research study amongst mothers and couples. This module also gave us essential insights towards branding, product packaging concepts and key gaps vis-à-vis other market players


  • AGR ended up supporting the client team in several other aspects of the greenfield project including business proposition development, techno-economic feasibility study, as well as liaising various project activities, including machinery equipment sourcing, branding, identifying 3rd party manufacturers for diapers (until the plant is commissioned in Ethiopia) etc.
  • AGR also supported the client in developing the marketing blueprint, branding designing & communication, and distribution strategy
Case study on An export Promotion or Development body in Oman set up

An export Promotion / Development body in Oman set up to monitor and facilitate Omani exports


  • The Sultanate of Oman had de-emphasized dependence on oil exports for future growth and had set overall targets for non-oil exports of Omani origin for the medium and long term
  • The client (export promotion body) wanted to develop a strong blueprint for non-oil diversification and sought support to realize these growth targets


  • The assignment commenced with identification of thrust products, out of over 1000 products based on the quantum of exports, analysis using the growth – share matrix and understanding their impact and contribution towards the growth objectives
  • AGR then set out towards prioritizing and phasing the target market opportunities (15-20) by identifying major export destinations and screening them using a detailed framework. Basis the target markets finalised, AGR helped in development of export targets and development initiatives
  • The AGR team also offered on-ground support in several markets by conducting matchmaking events, business development support and being a part of several marketing outreach programs over a period


  • The non-oil exports strategy has reaped rich benefits and today has created a sustainable economy of Oman, estimated to have crossed USD 10 billion in 2019, accounting for a significant portion of their total export revenues
  • Oman is a significant player and manufacturing hub in the Middle East region


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