Full Time Equivalency (FTE):

  • Trained resources with specific skill sets are deployed to work exclusively full time on the said assignment for a period of one year or more
  • The resource functions as an extended arm of the client while AGR takes responsibility for the completeness and quality of the output
  • Fee is fixed and lower than project basis for the same output
  • Working model includes high level project management support and direction/advise from VPs and Directors
  • This model ensures continuity and at the same time opportunity to improve efficiency

Project / Transaction Based Engagement:

  • Customized projects conducted for the client spanning time intervals of a few weeks to longer projects spanning a few months
  • AGR assumes responsibility for the completeness and quality of the output
  • Fee quoted separately for each assignment
  • Project team includes a project director and a project manager, along with a mix of research associates and analysts, depending on the complexity of the assignment

Block of Hours Arrangement:

  • A unique model where clients subscribe block of research hours on an annual basis
  • This model offers greater flexibility to clients
  • The billing rate for this model is less than Ad-hoc / Project basis but more than the FTE model
  • Fee depends on the type of work and the level of resource needs to be assigned to execute the same

Captive Centre Management:

  • An arrangement in which the client sets up a high-quality back office or a country office with much lower costs through a local company already having the requisite skills, manpower and infrastructure
  • Full time resources typically contracted for one year or multiples of it
  • The team is managed by a Manager from the client
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