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Assignment Examples

Formic Acid

Market assessment covering market size, competition, trends, regulations, etc. formic acid market in India, Sri Lanka, Indonesia & Malaysia

Formic Acid for agriculture industry research services


Study on pesticide export from India covering key export countries, prices, regulations and profile of key exporters

Pesticide for agriculture Industry research services


Market opportunity for specialty fertilizers in India

Fertilizers for agriculture Industry research services


Market assessment for value added chemicals manufactured from ammonia in India

Ammonia for agriculture industry research services

Seeds and Crop Chemicals

Develop distribution strategy for seeds & crop chemicals business

Seeds And Crop Chemicals for agriculture industry research services

Soluble Fertilizer

Market assessment for specialty water soluble fertilizers in India

Soluble Fertilizer for agriculture Industry research services

Agri Inputs

Opportunity assessment in agri inputs business covering diversification plans, allocation of funds for capex, start the search for technology, etc.

Agri Inputs for agriculture Industry research services

Knowledge Center


Case study on Study to understand extend of automation in hatcheries across 20 countries

Study to understand extend of automation in hatcheries across 20 countries


  • A global animal vaccine manufacturing company wanted to understand vaccination methods and automation adopted in large scale hatcheries across 20 countries.
  • The industry was fragmented and consolidated data was not available on hatcheries and poultries.


  • AGR prepared a comprehensive database of the leading hatcheries in the target geographies (China, Brazil, Indonesia, Russia, India, Mexico, South Africa, Turkey, Thailand, France, Germany, Japan, Spain).
  • The team conducted in-depth telephonic discussions with the hatcheries owners to understand production volume, type of birds, eggs throughput, vaccination methods and extent of automation adopted.
  • The insights were presented in an automated dashboard.


  • The study helped the client get a comprehensive insight into the global market opportunity. The client was able to deliver specific products based on the operational practices across various geographies
  • AGR analysis of country-wise emerging consumption practices helped the client develop a medium to long terms marketing and product development strategy.
Case study on Location identification for DAP NPK plant in India

Location identification for DAP/NPK plant in India


  • Global mining giant wanted to evaluate DAP/NPK project in West and South India by looking at market prospects and the raw material availability.


  • Published data points from the Government and industry associations were studied to understand district-wise and state-wise consumption of phosphatic fertilisers. An extensive field study helped us understand local logistics, pricing and competitive activity for DAP and NPK across peninsular India.


  • The client decided to locate the plant in Western India considering both market and raw materials availability.
Case study on North American seed company

North American seed company aspiring to increase share in India for current products and launch new products


  • India is a large market for agriculture products with great potential for modern equipment and farm inputs.
  • A large North American seed and fertiliser manufacturer was keen to increase its presence in India.


  • Detailed research of the agriculture inputs market was carried out especially for seeds, pesticides and fertilisers, which involved in-depth discussions with all stakeholders in the value chain viz. farmers, suppliers, agents, distributors and competitors.
  • Crop details like water requirement, yields, the area under cultivation, farming mechanisation etc. were collated and analysed.
  • Recommendations included the seeds and fertilisers that should be introduced in the Indian market with details on price, usage, segments, etc.
  • Recommendations were made for the distribution set-up and the marketing plans for the shortlisted products.


  • The client is a leading supplier of seeds, fertiliser and pesticides in India. Our research and recommendations propelled the company to the leadership position.
Case study on Identifying a suitable partner in Uganda for an agriculture equipment

Identify a suitable partner in Uganda for a leading agriculture equipment manufacturer


  • The client had a strong position in the African region, but the sales in Uganda had been struggling on account of weak distribution support.
  • The previous partnership was called-off and the client team needed to identify a suitable partner to service existing equipment as well as bolster the dwindling sales & reputation.


  • AGR’s network members’ list was augmented by detailed desk research and telephonic discussions.
  • AGR delivered a strong pitch and conducted detailed discussions to assess relevance and fit of the prospects for the targeted business opportunity.
  • The prospects who had shown interest were evaluated using a robust framework.
  • AGR delivered a strong pitch and conducted detailed discussions to assess relevance and fit of the prospects for the targeted business opportunity.This culminated into AGR recommending the top prospective partners. AGR travelled along with the client’s team to meet and prospect and finalize the partner.


  • The detailed dossiers helped the client finalise the top prospect as the long term country representative.
  • AGR presented relevant insights to the client to facilitate market penetration.


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