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  • With over three decades of research expertise across sectors and markets, AGR has been supporting banking, finance and investment community world over serving both their institutional and retail business needs.


Assignment Examples

Project Feasibility Evaluation

AGR evaluated business plan of private port to assess its viability and validate funding decision

Project Feasibility Evaluation for bfsi industry research services

Performance Benchmarking

Conducted benchmarking of all banking products using social media to assess relative performance and identify business opportunities for a private bank

Performance Benchmarking for bfsi Industry research services

Product Mix Optimization

Identified optimal product mix for each geography by analyzing product portfolio, customer demographics, demand and return analysis for a global insurance major

Product Mix Optimization for bfsi Industry research services

Equity Research Support

Set up dedicated equity research desk to provide emerging markets research for a global asset manager

Equity Research Support for bfsi industry research services

Hypothesis Validation

AGR helped validate investment hypothesis to support Series B fund raising initiative from investors for a global PE fund

Hypothesis Validation for bfsi industry research services

Market Assessment

Conducted market assessment on gold loan product and detailed check on the target investment entity and its business practices for a leading PE firm

Market Assessment for bfsi industry research services

Financial Modelling

Prepared detailed financial model and information memorandum on an acquisition target for an investment bank

Financial Modelling for bfsi Industry research services

Knowledge Center


Case study on Due diligence for a Global Private Equity firm who wanted to increase

Due diligence for a Global Private Equity firm who wanted to increase stake in a regional bank


  • A PE firm prior to buying a large stake in a regional bank wanted to confirm if the target bank had the essential Infrastructure, people and culture in place
  • A detailed diligence had to be carried out to protect the PEs large investment


  • Multiple teams were deployed to various branches and offices of the target bank as well as the competitor banks, since the diligence had to be conducted within a span of 3-4 weeks
  • The diligence covered over 75 attributes of a bank ranging from soft issues like car parking availability, air conditioning, visibility of the name plate to hard facts like deposits, growth, no. of customers, and so on
  • In addition to reporting the hard facts, the data was analysed to assign a score to each bank branch which helped the PE to appreciate the target bank’s position vis-a-vis its competitors
  • A comprehensive report covering 200 branches was prepared and submitted to the PE team


  • The report was reassuring that the target bank was worth investing in. Based on the findings, the PE progressed with the negotiations and eventually invested in the target bank
  • The PE continues to hold a significant stake in the bank
Case study on Social media analytics

Social media analytics for banking products of a large private sector bank


  • One of India’s largest private bank wished to derive new marketing insights and opportunities using social media analytics to improve the performance of its banking products
  • Leadership position of peers and tech savvy new comers dominated the online conversation and crowded out clients position


  • AGR with the help of online Social media tool used analytical approach on large volume of relevant banking conversations to uncover actionable insights for different banking products
  • Conversations were categorised and analysed product wise for all players across customer journey stage from application to final service closure
  • Analytical rating framework was developed to score all online mentions of all competitors across all parameters and attributed for all banking products
  • Weighted average scored were derived to see the performance of all players product wise
  • Key dominating themes and verbatim were captured at each stage to support the data and trends


  • Study of trends and patterns helped the client understand the real performance and perception among its customers and non-customers
  • Benchmarking helped the bank understand its relative position and opportunities for improvement in service and product development
Case study on FTE Support for a large Asset Management firm in GCC

FTE Support for a large Asset Management firm in GCC


  • One of the top tier asset management companies in the GCC was looking to enhance its research coverage and at the same time optimize team size
  • Increasing salary cost and need for multiple skills posed a challenge


  • AGR set up an offshore dedicated team of equity research analysts
  • Sector specific expertise was created to develop domain specific approaches to analysis and valuation


  • AGR helped the client achieve its growth objective of widening research coverage at optimal cost without compromising on quality
  • Business continuity and scalability was ensured as research operations was fully managed
  • The offshore team is now playing a key role in the investment decision making process
Case study on FTE support for a Swiss based emerging market

FTE support for a Swiss based emerging market focused fund which was part of global banking group


  • Swiss based asset management fund floated an emerging market focused fund to grow its assets under management.
  • Client was not keen to set up in house team and looking for cost effective option


  • AGR set up a dedicated team to undertake research across global markets and also ensure confidentiality of proprietary methodology.
  • AGR also provided research support to validate investment hypothesis, ad hoc research on specific topics and monitor portfolios


  • Our cost effective offshore delivery model provided enough confidence to the client about the prospects of portfolio expansion and churn by providing quick turnaround reports


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