Chemical and plastic industry research services

Market research on chemical and plastic industries

  • Chemicals improve the quality of life. The material sciences industry plays a vital role in human life, from providing basic needs like food, clothing and shelter to luxuries like fragrances, cosmetics etc.
  • The chemical industry directly contributes in sectors like Agriculture, Health Care, Manufacturing, Energy etc. It is so vast, that it requires definition of boundaries and limits which created sub industrial segments like Petrochemicals, Paints, Polymers, Adhesives etc.
  • AGR team has over three decades of experience in the chemical industry. AGR has been supporting leading MNCs, Indian companies, industry associations and technical consulting firms with business research, technology research, business expansions / diversification and partner identification.


Assignment Examples


A leading fragrance / perfume distributor in the Middle East wanted to backward integrate into fragrance blending. AGR helped the client with detailed Techno-economic Feasibility

Fragrance industry research services

Bulk Liquids

The world’s leading independent liquid terminal operator wanted to expand its operations in India. We helped them in understanding the potential market for liquid chemicals by region

Bulk liquid industry research services


AGR conducted a concept testing study to understand perception of target respondents for a range of catalysts for acid catalyzed reactions developed by an Indian petrochemical company

Catalyst industry research services


A leading Indian business conglomerate wanted to expand its caustic-chlorine capacity at a new location, so we helped them with understanding of the market opportunity in the hinterland

Caustic- chlorine industry research services

aroma chemicals

A leading global aroma chemical manufacturer wanted to expand its Indian operations. AGR helped the client team with market projections and by identifying potential partners

Aroma chemical industry research services


A Japanese energy major wanted to invest in the petrochemical business in India. AGR helped the client team by mapping the Indian opportunity and identified potential partners

Petrochemical industry research services

Specialty Polymers

A leading consulting multinational wanted to identify key Indian customers for select polymers. AGR helped them with a field study identifying customers accounting for 70% of consumption

Special polymer industry research services

Synthetic Rubber

A multinational consulting company wanted to understand opportunity for synthetic rubber in India. AGR carried out a market study highlighting current and future business opportunity

Synthetic rubber industry research services

Knowledge Center


Bulk liquid industry research services case study



  • World’s largest independent tank storage company planned to expand operations in India and wanted to prioritise asset investments
  • This required detailed understanding of Demand-Supply of bulk liquids at each port


  • Long listing of bulk liquids was done. This list was pruned based on client criteria
  • We then conducted desk research for current and forecast Indian market for chemicals by region. This was followed by primary research with 200 manufacturers, traders, end-users, and industry associations to understand national and regional trends
  • The data was analysed considering consumption clusters and logistics to ports


  • We helped the client prioritise on certain geographies
  • New customers (not known to client) were the low hanging fruit
  • The client acquired a medium sized competitor and is working on Greenfield projects
Chlor Alkali industry research services case study



  • Client wanted to set up a large caustic-chlorine project in North India and wanted to understand prospects including outlets for chlorine


  • AGR conducted an in-depth study of North Indian market for caustic soda, chlorine and chlorine derivatives along with raw material sourcing prospects. This required an extensive field study of 120 end-users, trade members and competitors across North India


  • The client got feedback from the market and understood the competitive challenges. The project configuration was changed substantially to suit market needs
Fragrance industry research services case study

Go-to-market support for deodorants and perfumes in Africa


  • The client was a leading fragrance house based in the Middle East with an established presence globally in the fragrance segment
  • The company wished to evaluate the opportunity to enter select African countries for which market study was to be undertaken, including demand and supply assessment along with channel partner analysis


  • Desk research was conducted to gather preliminary information on the select African countries and to conduct high-level estimation of the market opportunity
  • Focused interviews with industry participants and deodorant and perfume users were done to size the addressable market and to understand the buying preferences


  • We ranked the countries based on their market potential, macro parameters, and competitive landscape
  • Findings on consumer behavior helped the client with key insights on purchase patterns, latest trends, competitive strategy and factors that drive purchase decisions


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