Energy and Environment industry research services
Market research for Energy and Environment
  • Emerging climate change issues and resultant sustainability issues are leading to intense debate among various non-governmental bodies and putting pressure on governments to relook at policy measures.
  • In turn, these developments are also forcing businesses to relook at their business practices and models to make it sustainable and conform to environmental needs.
  • Fossil fuels being a major contributor to climate change is undergoing a major transformation so as to remain in contention with the emerging renewables sector.
  • The climate change and sustainability focus are creating new opportunities for both the conglomerates and the governments. AGR has a strong presence in the energy and environment domain and straddles the entire knowledge value chain.
  • AGR with in-depth energy industry experience brings a unique combination of strategic intellect and tactical execution to the client, wherein the experts leverage their insights across the entire energy value chain.


AGR brings in decades of expertise and global experience in the field of energy and clean technologies and pollution control. In oil & gas, we have strong project experience supporting `Fortune’ majors from upstream exploration to downstream distribution and petrochemicals including unconventional sources such as oil sands, shale and hydrates. In the renewables space too, we have built a sizeable research portfolio covering all sub-segments and storage devices including work across the value chain.


  • Oil and gas: The industry has been instrumental in fueling the rapid growth of the economies. The industry’s role in energy security and the development of related world-scale industries such as petrochemicals cannot be underestimated. We have a good understanding of the sector across the value chain from the exploration stage to downstream processing to distribution and sales. We can appreciate the practical nuances of the oil and gas sector operations due to our rich industry experience backed by the chemical engineering background.We also have experience in the unconventional sources of energy which includes oil sands, shale gas, gas hydrates etc.
  • Renewable Energy: built a sizeable and enviable portfolio of research projects in the renewable energy segment covering solar, wind, biofuels and storage devices. Our close association with some of the large players in the industry has helped us gain first-hand insight into the market developments and technology evolution that is taking place globally.
  • Clean Technology & Waste Management: AGR has a good grasp of technologies, processes, equipment and viable market structures used by players involved in the management of air pollution control, water purification, waste management and other services.


AGR provides a range of services aimed at facilitating strategic planning and supporting tactical decision making at the clients’ end. Our growth solutions have helped our clients successfully foray into new markets, launch new products, consolidate their market position and understand customers and competitors better. We take enough pride in seeing our solutions resulting in market leadership of our client’s business.

Assignment Examples

Upstream and refineries Maintenance

AGR conducted a study for a global energy major to understand maintenance services in the upstream and refineries (oil and gas industry) across the globe

Upstream And Refineries Maintenance industry research services

Commercial hydrogenation

Partner identification study to find a global commercial hydrogenation contract manufacturer (“Toller”) for processing liquid bio-feed

Commercial Hydrogenation Industry research services

Wind energy

Conducted a market entry study for forging components used in the wind energy industry in China

Wind Energy Industry research services


Assessment of competitive positioning of key players in the crude oil refining market in a “carbon-constrained” world by collecting and analyzing various data points/levers

Refining industry research services

Tubular/pipes/oil country tubular goods (OCTG)

To investigate various supplier/coating applicators in the Asia-Pacific with a focus on China for the coating of tubular/pipes/OCTG application

TubularPipesOil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) industry research service

Solar Panels

The client requested to understand the potential for PVDF films used in the solar panel as backsheets in the North-America and Europe markets

Solar Panels industry research services

Knowledge Center


Case study on securing the supply chains for renewable energy

International Energy Agency (IEA) wanted to secure the supply chains for renewable energy – wind power and solar energy


  • An International Energy agency supported by over 40 nations aimed to provide insight into the elements of the supply chains which are presently or can in the future evolve as critical constraints in large-scale deployment of onshore & offshore wind and solar power plants.
  • The objective of the paper was to assess the risks and identifying mitigation strategies.


  • Several bottlenecks in solar PV and wind power were assessed mainly around rare earth elements availability, PV recycling and recovery, grid capacity issues, connection barriers, admin and regulatory bottlenecks, turbine sizes, supply chain bottlenecks, carbon fibre shortage, skilled labour, and capital investments.
  • The team scanned thousands of technical and commercial papers to get a comprehensive understanding of the bottlenecks in the key regions.
  • The desk research was followed by in-depth discussions with key players and government bodies.


  • The analysis identified 25 bottlenecks across the wind and PV sectors, of which several were likely to severely constrain the deployment of renewable energy technologies.
  • Recommendations were also provided to significantly reduce the likelihood of occurrence of the identified bottlenecks.
  • Our paper was published and circulated to all the member nations for further action.
Case study on Supporting brand positioning exercise

Support brand positioning exercise & testing market hypotheses for a leading Indian oil & gas producer


  • One of India’s large energy producer was acquired by a consortium of international investors. The new owners wanted to transform the company’s identity and create a differentiated position in the marketplace.
  • However, the industry is dominated by the public sector firms (PSUs) and branding has little relevance to this commodity.


  • The study was conducted in two phases – the first stage was to understand the brand positioning on ‘as-is’ basis and the second stage demanded to understand the impact of the new proposition.
  • AGR conducted over 1,000 interviews with various stakeholders to understand the insights and expectations of each respondent type from the brand and their perceptions on new value concept and proposition.
  • Analysis of information was done using AGR’s framework to derive insights.


  • The study insights helped the client to understand the existing positioning and changes needed to improve the same.
  • Insights on how differentiated experience and service is perceived by users helped the client work on the differentiated proposition and reposition the brand with a new promise.
Case study on Linguistic research to understand the relevance of the shortlisted brand names

Linguistic research to understand the relevance of the shortlisted brand names


  • One of India’s oil & gas producers wanted to rechristen the company name to create a new brand identity to match its ethos and values.
  • Multi-cultural ownership and being a commodity company made the linguistic exercise challenging.


  • AGR conducted a linguistic check to understand direct semantic translation, sensitivity, negative and positive connotation, pronunciation etc. of the proposed brand names.
  • AGR conducted in-depth interviews with the respective language experts to understand the sensitivity, cultural no-go, any abusive/racial connotations to the names.
  • The linguistic research was typically conducted with individuals with a mix of ethnicity, age, region etc.


  • The linguistic research helped check conformance of brand name with the cultural, religious, regional and political sentiments and ethos of consumers worldwide.
Case study on Global and regional potential for PVDF film used as backsheet in the solar panels

Global and regional potential for PVDF film used as backsheet in the solar panels


  • The Asian client wanted to understand opportunities for its solar panel products beyond its traditional markets


  • While there is sufficient published information on solar energy, the market for PVDF usage is relatively undocumented.
  • AHR studied published information and conducted over 100 telephone interviews to understand types of material used, technical specifications and estimated market by region and type.
  • PVDF filmmakers worldwide were profiled and perceptions of laminate and panel makers were gathered.


  • The client was able to improve market share in Europe and North America besides traditional markets in Japan and China.
Case study on Technology & patent landscape for a global oil & gas major

Technology & patent landscape for a global oil & gas major


  • The client, a global oil & gas major, wanted to understand the technology & patent landscape on technologies to remove NH3 and HCN from syngas streams


  • AGR started the study by identifying the available commercial technologies.
  • This was followed by a detailed identification of papers and publications to identify technologies under development.
  • This helped the AGR team refine its taxonomy and conduct targeted patent search. The relevant patents were identified and categorised based on the process/target end-use.


  • AGR helped the client with a detailed understanding of the current status of technologies to remove NH3 and HCN from syngas streams.
  • It helped the client team understand key competitors, emerging players and their capabilities.
  • The client was able to make an informed decision on shortlisting technologies for the commercial evaluation.


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