IT and Telecom industry research services
Market research on IT and Telecom Industry
  • Telecom and Internet are the lifeline for today’s businesses. Telecom is seen as the blood flow of the modern economy. There have been numerous studies to conclusively prove that IT has been a major driver of change and rapid economic growth in the last two decades.
  • IT and Telecom touch every aspect of our lives today since most new businesses are driven by IT be it the airline industry, the manufacturing sector, the banking systems or the online shopping portals. AGR has been working with companies across the entire chain from hardware to software to solutions.


We have covered hardware products like laptops, headsets, UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles), optic fibres, EPABX, LAN cables, mobile phones, radars, telecom chips, V-sats, etc. In the software and solutions space, we have researched IOT, ERP solutions, e-commerce, billing platforms, cyber security, POS, bio-informatics, CAD/CAM systems, value added mobile services, OTT and many others.


Assignment Examples

Spares Portal FRS

Detailed out the functional requirement specifications for the web initiative of a leading compressor company for enhancing the spare part sales

Spares Portal FRS industry research services

Transport Exchange

Prepared a model for an internet based transport exchange detailing pricing, revenue model, proposition for various stake holders, processes and financials

Transport Exchange Industry research services

IT Mapping

Mapped all IT segments in the middle-east region w.r.t size, growth, key players, marketing strategies, etc. for a PE investment

IT Mapping Industry research services

IT Training

Assessed potential for investing in the IT-training sector, the industry growth levels and performance of key players

IT Training industry research services

Billing Platform

Conducted a pre-market feasibility on telecom billing platforms. Benchmarked client’s product with other platforms available in the market

Billing Platform industry research services

Due Diligence

Carried out a vendor Due Diligence for a large TV content producing company

Due Diligence Industry research services

Satellite Phones

Surveyed target adopters, mapped existing market and studied the likely shift from GPRS to satellite phones

Satellite Phones Industry research services

Media Content

Developing a credible strategy, business model and plan for a new media content business with the level of analytical rigour and international perspective

Media Content Industry research services

High-end Headsets

Studied market for high-end headsets used in the call-center industry. Conducted interviews with key call centers to understand usage, quality, pricing, etc.

High-End Headsets Industry research services

Reservation System

Engaged with airlines and hotel chains to assess the addressable market for hotel / airline reservation systems

Reservation System Industry research services

Mobile telephony

Projecting demand for cell phones based on demographics and economic indications for multiple telecom operators across the Indian sub-continent

Mobile Telephony Industry research services

Mobile VAS

Tracked mobile value added services (MVAS) in more than 30 countries to recommend new VAS in the existing markets

Mobile VAS Industry research services

LAN Cables

Developed an entry strategy for the client that would be the first to enter the LAN cables market

LAN Cables Industry research services

Airport Radars

Mapping the current aircraft detection technology and systems used at civilian airports. Assessed the opportunity for primary and secondary radars

Airport Radars Industry research services


Market assessment and lead generation for an ERP developed by a Japanese major for MSMEs in the Indian subcontinent

ERP For MSME Industry research services

Knowledge Center


Case study on Feasibility study for a European telecom billing platform

Feasibility study for a European telecom billing platform


  • The client wanted a pre-market feasibility on telecom billing platforms to identify market opportunities, establish a favorable product offering and an appropriate growth strategy
  • A key challenge was to do a comparative analysis of telecom billing solutions providers globally


  • We studied the global billings platforms’ market trends, key purchase decision making criterion for a vendor, desired functionalities and features from a billing system, legacy and usage and the price points
  • In addition to an exhaustive secondary research, we conducted detailed interviews with a few dozen telecom companies to understand their views on the above
  • AGR then prioritized the target market on the basis of client’s business scale and his growth objectives, in addition to the telecom market size, scale, market potential and prevalence of competition


  • The study helped the client prioritize the target geographies and work towards development of relevant market offerings
  • The findings also presented some immediate business opportunities available for the company with respect to telecom billing solution requirements
Case study on Japanese telecom giant evaluating the Asian market

Japanese telecom giant evaluating the Asian market for civilian airport radars


  • A Japanese electronics giant was evaluating the civilian aircraft radar market as air travel in Asia was mushrooming

Approach & Methodology

  • AGR analysts engaged with the airport authorities to understand the current and future traffic
  • Researched the features and technologies that are required by the airport authorities for managing aircraft arrivals and departures that were deficient in the older technologies
  • Mapped out the complex decision making and purchase process of various civilian airport organisations to facilitate the clients entry in this market


  • The company based on our report was able to bid for radar systems at various airports
Case study on Country benchmarking and economic impact assessment

Country benchmarking and economic impact assessment for telecom regulatory authority of a GCC nation


  • The telecom regulatory authority of a GCC nation wanted to estimate the economic impact of cyber threats and to improve response preparedness strategy


  • Detailed secondary research was carried out covering AGR’s internal database, published sources like UNs’ International Telecommunication Union (ITU), World Bank, IMF, Kaspersky, Ponemon, Arbor, Verizon etc.
  • Extensive interviews (about 50) with executives of BFSI, Telecom, Energy industries etc. were conducted
  • Evidence based data analysis to benchmark countries on cyber security preparedness


  • The study helped in benchmarking similar sized countries on cyber security preparedness
  • Determined weaknesses that might become a cause of worry for the nation
  • High level estimation of economic impact of any serious cyber incident
Case study on Opportunity assessment and lead generation

Opportunity assessment and lead generation for a Japanese IT major planning to launching its ERP in India


  • A Japanese IT major was keen on launching its ERP targeted at SMEs in India
  • Unregulated and competitive market, highly price sensitive, inadequate technology infrastructure and awareness posed challenges to adoption


  • AGR interviewed a large section of MSMEs to understand their operational practices, expectations from technology, payment capability, infrastructure, human resources capability
  • Explained the benefits of technology and how they can implement


  • Given inadequate infrastructure and resources, cloud based ERP and pricing range that SMEs can afford was suggested
  • Legacy integration and support system requirements were identified as key requirements for success


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