Metals Minerals and Mining industry research services
Market research on Metals Minerals and Mining industries
  • Metals and minerals being a basic sector, finds wider application and plays a key enabling role in economic development.
  • Higher correlation between metal consumption and growth in GDP cannot be undermined, thereby making it important for all the stakeholders, be it miners, primary or secondary producers in the industry, to understand the impact and changing production- consumption behaviour as economic affluence sets in.
  • AGR understands the dynamics of value chain and global trade very well and have conducted numerous studies in both ferrous, non-ferrous metal and minerals.


Market research on metal industry


Assignment Examples

Metal & mineral Intensity

AGR has conducted intensity studies of metals (Steel, copper, Zircon, borates, etc.) in 100+ end-use products & sectors across geographies by interviewing 2,000+ industry experts

Metal and mineral Intensity industry research services

Cost Curve Models

AGR has helped the client understand the industry’s profitability by building cost curve models for commodities like aluminium, uranium, lithium, borates and diamonds

Cost Curve Models industry research services

Opportunity assessment in copper

A large Indian conglomerate wanted to invest in the copper downstream. AGR scanned the Indian market for demand, supply and competition to shortlist relevant opportunities

Opportunity Assessment In Copper industry research services

Market attractiveness of commodities

A global mining company interested in adding new commodities to its portfolio sought AGR’s expertise to conduct market attractiveness study for 10 potential commodity markets

Market Attractiveness Of Commodities industry research services

Automated dashboard

For a global miner, AGR developed dashboards to monitor freight trends in North America, to support their logistics strategy plan & negotiations with logistics partners

Automated Dashboard industry research services

Mining project feasibility

To understand project feasibility, AGR has helped a client prepared NPV model along with sensitivity testing for an upcoming lithium-borate mine basis DFS report

Mining Project Feasibility industry research services

Customer insight & action planning

For a large copper smelter AGR assessed customer advocacy among customers and non-customers vis-à-vis competitors to provide actionable insights & conduct workshops for its implementation

Customer Insight & Action Planning industry research services

Metal recycling

Assessed various non-ferrous metal scrap globally, end-of Life of the metal-bearing goods, recycling ecosystem & processes, and drafted quality standards & vision documents

Metal Recycling industry research services

Knowledge Center


European Major Assessing The Potential industry research services case study

European major assessing the potential for high-strength steel in the North-American market


  • The client is one of the top 3 steel manufacturing companies based in Europe. It manufactures special steel (high-strength & light-weight) that finds application in heavy and off-road vehicles.
  • The challenge was to enter the North-American special steels automotive market.


  • AGR identified the key steel components in the heavy and off-highway vehicles.
  • The component and vehicle manufacturers were engaged in a discussion to check the possibility of replacing existing steel components with high-strength /lightweight steel.
  • The addressable market for special steels was estimated based on the norms of the special steel potential.
  • AGR also did a pre-sales pitch to the potential users.


  • The steel major has made significant in-roads in the North-American off-highway market and is in the process of introducing more advanced products.
Mining Productivity Tracker industry research services case study

Mining productivity tracker


  • The client wanted to establish a common platform to compare multiple mining companies for mining productivity parameters.
  • The key challenge was to bring the companies on a common platform since the reporting mechanism and even the financial years were different for the competing companies.

Approach & Methodology

  • AGR captured data from the company presentations, annual reports along with bank and consultant reports.
  • The productivity improvement data were segmented into controllable and uncontrollable factors. The controllable factors such as volume productivity, labour and contractor productivity, and exploration costs were measured across the competitor companies.


  • Facilitated the understanding of each company’s productivity performance in terms of incremental productivity as a percentage of the cost.
  • The document acted as a framework to develop the strategy to improve productivity and to control the cost of production.
Customer Advocacy & Loyalty Score industry research services case study

Customer advocacy & Loyalty score (Net Promoter Score) for leading aluminium supplier in India


  • One of the leading primary and value-added aluminium suppliers in India wanted to gauge loyalty factor, perception about their brand and relative positioning vis-à-vis key competitors using an established framework. The B2B customers were spread over 10 industry sectors.


  • AGR conducted over 500 face-to-face interviews with the decision-makers, influencers and users in more than 30 Indian cities.
  • The customers were buying various aluminium products such as ingots, wire rods, extrusion, circles, closures, finstock, foilstock, ACP, CLAD, etc.
  • The respondents were mainly from large and medium companies from building & construction, electrical, industrial machinery, automotive, home appliances, packaging sectors.


  • Detailed findings of the study were presented to the top management and the cross-functional teams across the business.
  • It helped the client to understand in-depth and unbiased perception about their brand vis-à-vis competitors’ brands. It also helped the client to understand the strengths and the weakness of the brand.
  • The workshop was also conducted with the key stakeholders to develop a detailed action plan. The action plan revolved around the key improvement areas.
  • The action plan helped the client in gaining a competitive advantage over other leading competitors.
Consensus & Market Forecast Compilation industry research case studies

Consensus & Market Forecast Compilation


  • To prepare and maintain a cross-commodity price & Demand Supply consensus for long & short term forecasts


  • A perusal of reports prepared by a multitude of banks, commodity brokers & consultants to identify relevant & accurate data for multiple commodities.
  • Dashboards prepared for individual commodities to showcase pricing and demand & supply trends.


  • This project helped the client understand the current and future cross-commodity market trends.


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