Technology research services


  • In a world where technology trends have come to define our lives, it is imperative that you understand how technology impacts your business and the market you operate in.
  • At Avalon Global Research, our aim is to provide our clients with quality research which will help them gauge the effect technology has on their competitiveness, and how they can utilize the same to get an edge in the market they operate in.
  • We aim to help you understand the economics of the technology landscape.We offer custom services that help you know the industry processes that shape the space you operate in.
Market research on Technology services

Technology Research Services

  • Technology has permeated all aspects of our lives. So, if you want to deliver your products and services efficiently across the board, you must understand how to leverage technology to fulfil your aims.
  • Being one of the best technology research firms in India, Avalon Global Research helps you do just that. Our expert team of engineers not only provides you with all the insights you need with regards to the Technology Landscape- be it Patent Analysis, Market Research, simulation processes and new products research- but also helps you make sense of the data so that you can formulate an effective R&D strategy.
  • While other research companies may provide you with scans of the technology markets, our team helps you understand what the research reveals. We make the decision-makers’ jobs easy by providing insights and in-depth analysis of the data on hand.  We offer you perspectives that you may have missed before, answer your questions and help you deliver efficient solutions and beat the competition. 
  • In short, we don’t just help you get the best in technology research. We help you become a thought leader who can set industry standards.


Patents Research

Patents Research in Technology research services

AGR has been helping companies by studying white spaces in specific industry domains or helping them with the product development lifecycle by helping with Landscape Studies, Competitive Intelligence, Prior Art/Novelty/Patentability Searches, Patent Infringement/Licensor Searches, Patent Valuation etc.

Technology Landscape / Scan

Technology Landscape in Technology research services

AGR expertise includes identifying new Technologies, Tracking Technological Developments and Licensing Opportunities, Estimating Capital and Operating Expenditure as well as Identification of niche vendors and manufacturers. We help our clients by developing criteria for Selection of Technology, Understanding Budgetary Allocations / Limits and provide detailed Techno-Commercial Analysis.

State of The Art Studies

State Of The Art Studies in Technology research services

At AGR we offer accurate overviews of the technology domain and evaluate the current state of commercialized or developing technologies. We have been providing services like Overview of Technology Domain, Technology Scans, Competitive Intelligence with R&D focus, status of product development, Financials (Investment, Capex and Opex Data), and information on technical tie-ups, licensing, partnerships and agreements.

New Products Research

Process Simulation & Modelling in Technology research services

AGR conducts detailed techno-commercial analyses to track threats from substitute technologies, and  articulate cost-benefit analysis. We have also helped our clients understand their target consumer preferences by conducting Concept Testing Studies, Perception Studies etc. We help clients take new products to the market successfully.

Process Simulation & Modelling

Process Simulation & Modelling in Technology research services

Together with our partners, AGR conducts process simulation and modelling exercises using HYSYS, Aspentech and PROII. We provide detailed EPC-level cost estimates for categories such as Steel & Pipe, Electrical & instrumentation, Equipment, Labour, Engineering & Project Management, etc. We also assist clients with identification of manufacturers, and service providers.

Assignment Examples

White Biotechnology

Understanding and Sizing the White Biotechnology Market in India

White Biotechnology Technology research services

Lithium Ion Batteries

IP Support to Develop and Commercialise Lithium Ion Batteries

Lithium Ion Batteries Technology research services

Oil Sands

Technology / IP Landscape on Extracting Crude Oil from Canadian Oil Sands

Oil Sands Technology research services

Nitrogen Fixation

To Identify Available Technologies for Nitrogen Fixation Using Non-leguminous Plants

Nitrogen Fixation Technology research services

Aviation Fuels

IP and Technology Landscape on Aviation Fuels, for a Leading Energy Giant

Aviation Fuels in Technology research services

Pharmaceutical Technology

Understanding Pharmaceutical Technology Scenario in India for a Leading Chemical Company

Pharmaceutical Technology in Technology research services


Multiple Landscape Studies on Solid Liquid, Liquid-liquid Bio Separation

Bio-Separation in Technology research services

Coal to Methane

Technology and IP Landscape for Coal to Methane Technologies

Coal To Methane in Technology research services

Refinery off Gases

Multiple IP Studies on Refinery off Gas Treatment / Monetization

Refinery Off Gases in Technology research services

Aircraft Technologies

Understanding Innovation and IP Landscape for Aircraft Technologies

Aircraft Technologies in Technology research services


Conducted Technology Research on Innovative Thermal Insulating Materials for Building Applications

Insulation in Technology research services

Life Cycle Studies

Conducted a 360 Degree Product Lifecycle Study on Sodium Petroleum Sulphonates and Calcium Petroleum Sulphonates

Life Cycle Studies in Technology research services

Decorative Paints

Concept Testing for Innovative Decorative Paints in India

Decorative Paints in Technology research services

Petrochemical Processes

Identifying and evaluating commercial technologies available in the domain of hydrocarbon feedstock and first step derivatives, BTX aromatics production, oxychlorination technologies etc.

Petrochemical Processes Technology research services


Understanding designs and patent landscape around cyclic fixed bed reactors, molten salt bath reactors, air cooled heat exchangers, sandwich panels, bearing composition etc.

Engineering in Technology research services


Studying state of the art and IP landscape for bio-fuel technologies

Bio-Fuels in Technology research services

Knowledge Center


Case study on IP Research Support

IP Research Support for a leading Lithium Battery developer


  • The client, a leading lithium battery developer – a JV between two global chemical giants.
  • The client’s R&D team wanted support on intellectual property (IP) research on lithium battery systems


  • AGR supported the client team by carrying out patent research and analysis during different stages of product development
  • We supported the client with continuous patent watch on different aspects of battery like chemistry, design, packaging system, management system, module structure etc.
  • AGR carried out landscape and prior art searches, clearance searches, invalidation studies, white space studies, IPR portfolio and freedom to operate studies


  • AGR helped the client’s R&D team with technology landscape and filings of the key competitors. This helped them understand areas of possible infringements and need for licensing technology / process
  • We also supported the client with invalidation of few patents which were critical for their proposed manufacturing process
  • AGR successfully supported the client to develop their lithium battery packs
Case study on Patents

Patents – White Space Research for a global Oil & Gas major


  • The client, a global energy giant, wanted to understand the patent landscape and white spaces in the field of White biotechnology
  • White biotechnology (WB) also known as Industrial Biotechnology is the use of microorganisms in fermentation to produce enzymes, chemicals, materials and fuels and the use of enzymes as biocatalysts in chemical processes


  • AGR started the study by identifying key players active in WB . This was followed by detailed technology and R&D landscape to identify commercial and emerging technologies on the subject
  • This helped us refine the taxonomy and conduct targeted patent search. The relevant patents were identified and categorised based on the process / target end-use


  • AGR helped the client with a detailed understanding of the current status of technology in WB
  • It helped the client team understand key competitors, emerging players with their offerings and R&D focus
  • The client team was able to identify process / end-use segments which were not patented and were free to operate areas. This helped the client team refine its R&D focus
Case study on Technology & Patent Landscape for a global Oil & Gas major

Technology & Patent Landscape for a global Oil & Gas major


  • The client, a global Oil & Gas major, wanted to understand the technology & patent landscape on technologies to remove NH3 and HCN from syngas streams


  • AGR started the study by identifying commercial technologies available
  • This was followed by detailed identification of papers and publications to identify technologies under development
  • This helped AGR team refine the taxonomy and conduct targeted patent search. The relevant patents were identified and categorised based on the process / target end-use


  • AGR helped the client with detailed understanding of the current status of technologies to remove NH3 and HCN from syngas streams
  • It helped the client team understand key competitors, and also emerging players with their capabilities.
  • The client was able to take an informed decision on shortlisting technologies for commercial evaluation


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